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CHLI Congratulates MundoFOX

 The Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute (CHLI) congratulated Hernan Lopez, President & CEO of Fox International Channels & National Geographic Channels, as he leads the company in the launch of MundoFOX, a new Spanish-language broadcast network. “We founded CHLI on the principle that Hispanics’ diverse points of view called for new and different forums to promote […]

Hope for Dreamers: DHS Outlines Deferred Action Process

The Department of Homeland Security today provided additional information on the deferred action for childhood arrivals process during a national media call in preparation for the August 15 implementation date. Visit www.uscis.gov/avoidscams for tips on filing forms, reporting scams and finding accredited legal services. Remember, the Wrong Help Can Hurt! An informational brochure and flyer are also available on www.uscis.gov. A recent […]

Books Banned in Arizona – Latinos Fighting Thought Control

By Michael Collins   Bad things are happening in Arizona … again. Good things too! The extremist Arizona legislature enacted a law that just recently caused the banning of nearly 100 books from Tucson public schools. The list includes prominent Latino authors, plus Shakespeare, Thoreau, and James Baldwin. They even banned Zorro! The real goal […]

The White House Honors 8 Latinos as Champions of Change

The White House Honors 8 Latinos as Champions of Change

By Kristina Puga Eight Latinos were honored at the White House last Friday for using their bicultural and bilingual experiences to connect and empower Hispanics in the U.S,. as well as in Latin America. The individuals honored as Champions of Change are Luis Aguirre-Torres, Claire A. Nelson, Andres “Elmer” Arias, Greivis Vasquez, David R. Ayón, A. […]

Dictionary of Spain’s Spanish Language: Academy Adds “Estadounidismo”

New York, NY [CapitalWirePR] July 24, 2012 – The dictionary of the Royal Academy of of the Spanish Language (DRAE), has accepted the term “estadounidismo” (United Statesism), defined as: 1. M. A word or usage common in Spanish as spoken in the United States.” The North American Academy of the Spanish Language (ANLE per its […]

This week in immigration

New Americans Represent Team USA at the London Olympics Today, the 2012 Olympics formally kicked off inLondon where the best athletes from around the world are meeting to compete. TheUnited States is well-represented, not only by our native born-athletes but by many “New Americans.” In fact, approximately 38 of the athletes on TeamUSA are naturalizedU.S. […]

MALDEF Mourns the Loss of Legendary Mexican American Actress, Lupe Ontiveros

LOS ANGELES – MALDEF expressed its sadness  at the passing of pioneering Mexican American actress, Lupe Ontiveros. Originally fromEl Paso,Texas, Ontiveros starred in several iconic Latino roles throughout her decades-long career. MALDEF Vice President of Strategic Development and Communications David Damian Figueroa stated, “I’m heartbroken by the passing of my dear friend, mentor, and confidant Lupe. […]

Open Letter to Rubio from Nevada DREAMers

Challenging his support for Romney when he visits Las Vegas Senator Rubio: As we welcome you back toLas Vegas, we’d like to remind you of the city you left behind – a city of hardworking Americans and of workers and students like us, who are Americans in every way except on paper.  We callLas Vegashome, […]

SPLC Denounce Effort to Block Federal Guestworker Regulations

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), AFL-CIO and Economic Policy Institute (EPI) denounced efforts by some federal lawmakers to gut new Department of Labor regulations that will protectU.S.workers and foreign guestworkers. Several members of Congress are attempting to stop the rules from being implemented. Their actions will eviscerate important protections for temporary foreign workers and […]

Contested Ground: Immigration in the United States

Though long a country of immigrants, theUnited Stateshas seen its demographic and immigration policy landscape altered in new and important ways as a result of the changing nature of immigration flows. In Contested Ground: Immigration in the United States, author Michael Jones-Correa assesses the effects of changing immigration flows in recent decades, in particular increased […]

A Guide to Arizona v.United States

One month ago, the Supreme Court issued its landmark decision in Arizona v. United States, which invalidated three provisions of the immigration law known as “SB1070”and left a fourth open to future challenges. More than any matter in recent history, the case settled a range of important questions regarding the role that states may play […]