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UWD and National Allies Launch Own the DREAM

United We DREAM, a network of youth-led organizations across the country, joined by its partners and allies, will lead a massive national campaign to help thousands of aspiring Americans brought to this country as children take advantage of the opportunity to apply for deferred action and work permits. The campaign will join the resources of […]

Frank Sharry Reacts to “Deporter-in-Chief” Ad

This week, a conservative group released a new Spanish-language ad targeting Latinos inNevada and blasting President Obama as “Deporter-in-Chief” in reference to the President’s immigration enforcement record.  The group behind the ad, Nevada Hispanics, is associated with the conservative and pro-Republican organizations American Principles in Action and the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles. The following is […]

CAP: The State of Latinos in theUnited States

The Center for American Progress takes a look into Latinos’ successes and challenges as one of the fastest-growing populations in the country By Vanessa Cárdenas, Sophia Kerby After this week’s event hosted by the Center for American Progress with Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis and Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council Cecilia Muñoz, Progress 2050 released an issue brief detailing the successes […]

Multistate effort aims to strengthen Latino civic action

This week, NCLR (National Council of La Raza) announced that it has registered more than 50,000 Latino voters for the upcoming 2012 elections through its multistate campaign, Mobilize to Vote (M2V).  M2V is at the core of NCLR’s Civic Engagement Project, which aims to build and support long-term Latino participation in the democratic process.  M2V […]

America’s Voice: GOP Candidates Remain Stuck in the Past

A growing number of Democratic candidates are embracing the new paradigm on immigration, while Republicans remain stuck in the old way of thinking. According to Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director ofAmerica’s Voice, “It’s refreshing to see Democrats like Heinrich, Carmona, andBerkleylean into this issue and push common sense immigration solutions.  It’s depressing to see their Republican […]

Menendez: More Free Preventive Services for Hispanic women

Starting August 1st, millions of Hispanic women will have access to additional preventive health care services at no additional cost under the Affordable Care Act. U.S. Senator Robert Menendez called this expanded coverage “proof that the health care law is making a real difference in the lives of Hispanic Americans.” The provisions that go into […]

Dreamers launch video to motivate Latino Voters

With both parties charging full speed ahead, the Su Voz Mi Voto campaign is keeping pace, releasing new material to help relate the plight of undocumented immigrants to voters, especially Latino voters, in time to make a difference by November.  This latest video featured Erika Andiola, and undocumented immigrant, alongside registered voters who descended from immigrants. Watch […]

Gutiérrez reacts to racist Twitter attack against Obama

Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL-4) wrote President and Mrs. Obama a letter on Wednesday expressing his outrage at a racist Tweet attributed to the top Advisor to the Speaker of the House inPuerto Rico.  He also wrote the Speaker calling for the advisor’s termination.  In the letter to the Obamas, the Congressman, a Chicago-born Puerto […]

CHLI Congratulates MundoFOX

 The Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute (CHLI) congratulated Hernan Lopez, President & CEO of Fox International Channels & National Geographic Channels, as he leads the company in the launch of MundoFOX, a new Spanish-language broadcast network. “We founded CHLI on the principle that Hispanics’ diverse points of view called for new and different forums to promote […]

Hope for Dreamers: DHS Outlines Deferred Action Process

The Department of Homeland Security today provided additional information on the deferred action for childhood arrivals process during a national media call in preparation for the August 15 implementation date. Visit www.uscis.gov/avoidscams for tips on filing forms, reporting scams and finding accredited legal services. Remember, the Wrong Help Can Hurt! An informational brochure and flyer are also available on www.uscis.gov. A recent […]

Books Banned in Arizona – Latinos Fighting Thought Control

By Michael Collins   Bad things are happening in Arizona … again. Good things too! The extremist Arizona legislature enacted a law that just recently caused the banning of nearly 100 books from Tucson public schools. The list includes prominent Latino authors, plus Shakespeare, Thoreau, and James Baldwin. They even banned Zorro! The real goal […]