230,000 Salvadorans May Qualify for TPS Re-registration

With less than two weeks remaining, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) today reminded nationals of El Salvador eligible for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to file a re-registration application by October 22, 2007.  Failure to file a TPS re-registration application by October 22 will result in the withdrawal of TPS benefits, including employment authorization and protection from removal from the United States.  There are approximately 230,000 nationals of El Salvador (or aliens having no nationality who last habitually resided in El Salvador) who may qualify for re-registration.  From August 21 to October 10, 2007, approximately 126,000 Salvadorans have filed TPS re-registration applications.  

The 18-month extension of TPS for nationals of El Salvador became effective September 9, 2007, and will remain in effect until March 9, 2009.  Nationals of El Salvador who have received TPS previously must re-register for the 18-month extension during a 60-day re-registration period, which began August 21, 2007 and closes on October 22, 2007.  

To re-register for TPS under the extension, a TPS beneficiary must submit: (1) Form I-821 (Application for Temporary Protected Status) without the filing fee, (2) Form I-765 (Application for Employment Authorization), with fee if requesting a TPS-related EAD or an extension of a TPS-related EAD, and (3) a Biometric fee if the beneficiary is 14 years of age or older or is under age 14 and is requesting an EAD.   Applicants requesting an EAD may request that the Form I-765 and biometric fees be waived in accordance with 8 CFR 103.7.  Applicants must submit both the Form I-765 and Form I-821 for re-registration.  

More information is available from the USCIS National Customer Service Center toll-free number:
800-375-5283.  TPS re-registration forms are available from the toll-free USCIS Forms line, 800-870-3676, or from the USCIS Web site: www.uscis.gov.

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