Solis: We Will Not Stop Until 10 Million Uninsured Children have Health Care

Washington — Congresswoman Hilda L. Solis (D-CA) issued the following statement regarding today’s unsuccessful attempt to override the President’s veto on H.R. 976, the Children Health Insurance Program (CHIP).  The widely supported CHIP bill failed by a vote of 273-15. Two-thirds is required to override the President’s veto.

“I am frustrated and disappointed that Republican Members of Congress sustained President Bush’s veto of the Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act. President Bush has callously denied health care to 10 million poor, uninsured children due to his misplaced priorities, and many House Republicans have followed his lead.

“Republicans continue to make false and despicable allegations about who is eligible for services. They are exploiting and stigmatizing undocumented residents without any regard for the truth!

“This legislation does not provide services to undocumented immigrants, nor is it a step towards socialized medicine. Republicans are playing politics with our children’s health care and are harming children from communities of color.

“More than 800,000 children in my home state of California depend on the Healthy Families Program. More than half of these children are Latino. The health of millions of children will be endangered and millions more will continue to suffer if Republicans and the President continue down this path.

“Today, we in Congress had a momentous opportunity to do what is right for our children, especially for children from communities of color. All children, regardless of income, race, or geography, deserve a healthy start in life.

“We have a moral obligation to protect the health of our children. I am saddened that House Republicans voted to sustain the President’s unjust veto, and I will continue to fight for the health of children in communities of color.”


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