The Dark Side of Sales. Only for Sales Professionals

I have done sales all my life. It was the best way of making good money for a people’s person who didn’t finish College.

Cold calling always felt intrusive, awkward and imposing. Who was I to interrupt somebody’s routine to obtrude my product without any consideration to their needs or wants. It just didn’t feel right. The question crossed my mind numerous times. “Isn’t there another way? The same answer came back every time. “No, there is no other way and it’s never going to change. You better accept it.”

However, you know that no matter how much your left brain tries to convince your right brain, that you have to deal with rejection, keep resisting and objecting your prospect, to make a living, deep down inside there is a part of you that will never swallow it, stop whining about it, get used to it or shut up.

Then there is the dirty word defining sales . The derogatory stereotype we helped develop with our actions following others directions against our gut…

It’s the dark side of sales. On the other hand I loved the relationship I had with my existing clients. I am a people’s person. That’s the beautiful side of selling, and the freedom…

To illustrate the stereotype, I’ll tell you a story…

The other day, I received a call. One of those “get- on – guard, – or- you – are – going -to -get – screwed” call. The ones that feel like a trap, you know, no way out….from a telemarketer.

You are in the comfort of your home, minding your own business. Suddenly, somebody ‘s flair of contempt for you the “prospect” interrupts , in the hopes you are going to buy from her, because you are supposed to be the lucky number of her lottery ticket and today, maybe she hits the jackpot and caught you distracted on a Tuesday afternoon.

You are supposed to stop your entire life, “ipso facto”, and focus on this thing, with which you will not be able to live without, after the call. Hopefully without thinking. Because she is not interested in the least in finding what you think or if you really need or want the thing.

If you object too much, there is hell to pay. Your free will to say no doesn’t count.

And they call you the decision maker.

Well, back to the call, she starts (I don’t remember her name) talking about some product that I apparently subscribed to in the Internet. I don’t remember a thing. What’s new, I have too many things on my mind lately, I wouldn’t be surprised she is right. So, by virtue of the benefit of the doubt, some curiosity and an impetus to study the call, I prepare myself to give her some of my time. We chat for a little while.

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