Call White House Now To Protest Immigrant Raid

Yesterday 28 undocumented immigrants were chained and arrested in a manufacturing plant in Bellingham, Washington.  Seventy-five heavily-armed Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents raided their workplace with helicopters, riot gear, and buckets of ankle chains and handcuffs.

Hauling off hardworking men and women in chains in a paramilitary

operation sows fear across our country.  At a time in which we should

focus on making America work for all of us, the Obama Administration is

giving us more of the same divisive tactics that have only hurt our

businesses and communities.

We need REFORM, not RAIDS

Go to

And tell President Obama:

  • The raid in Washington state is unacceptable and hurts all of our communities.

  • President Obama must stop the raids and we must pass comprehensive immigration reform NOW!

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