NPRC and HF praise the House Leadership for closing the gap on Healthcare Equality for Puerto Rico

Washington, DC

(CapitalWirePR) The National Puerto Rican Coalition

Inc. (NPRC) and the Hispanic Federation (HF) are extremely pleased that the

House bill unveiled yesterday contains significant additions that will impact

positively Puerto Rico’s healthcare system.

The inclusion of Puerto Rico on the Healthcare Insurance Exchange and the

significant increases to Medicaid funding are at the core of what both

organizations have continuously advocated as part of their joint HealthCare Equality for Puerto

Rico Campaign.
“Puerto Ricans on the Island and the

mainland should feel proud that our leadership in the House of Representatives

listened to our voices. We praise Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats on the House

for providing the framework to close the gap on the disparities that have

disabled our healthcare system”, explained Rafael Fantauzzi, President and CEO

of NPRC. “The House set the anchor needed to secure progress, now with our

friends in the Senate like Dodd, Schumer, Menendez, and Kerry it is up to both

sides to cement their support for the more than 4 million Puerto Ricans on the Island and the more than 4.2 million that live




Obama pledged to seek equal coverage of Puerto Rico

in federal health care assistance programs. Yesterday the House provided the

groundwork to make that pledge a reality”, explained Lillian Rodriguez López,

President of HF. “The climb is not over, but the path to the summit has been

laid”, said Rodriguez López. 

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