Ros-Lehtinen Comments on Protests at U.S. Embassy in Nicaragua


Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), Ranking Republican on the House Foreign

Affairs Committee, commented today on reports of protests at the United States

Embassy in Managua, Nicaragua.  Statement by




primary concern is for the welfare and security of all U.S. Embassy personnel.

 It is my hope that no harm will come to any of them and that the

aggression against our mission will cease immediately.



stand behind U.S. Ambassador Callahan who has been targeted by the Sandinistas

simply for standing for democratic principles and raising questions about

recent political developments in that country.



it would appear neither the OAS nor other countries in the region have

expressed solidarity with the U.S.

in this situation or raised objections to the manner in which the U.S. embassy

and our personnel are being treated.”

 Ros-Lehtinen Comments

on Developments in Honduras



Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), Ranking Republican on the House Foreign

Affairs Committee, commented today on reports of an agreement reached between

the constitutional current government of Honduras and former Honduran leader

Manuel Zelaya.  Statement by Ros-Lehtinen:



is my hope that this agreement and all future actions are premised on the Honduran

constitution and rule of law, and arrived at free from duress or outside




recognition of Honduras’

November elections should never have been in doubt.



I am gratified that the U.S.,

the OAS, and others may finally render their full support to these elections

and refrain from further impeding the Honduran democratic process.



U.S. assistance to Honduras,

cooperation, and visas should be immediately restored.”

Ranking Member

Connie Mack’s Statement on today’s

actions in Honduras

I spoke to President

Micheletti this morning.  I thanked him for his leadership and told him I

was proud of how strong he and the Honduran people have been during this

crisis.  I also told President Micheletti that I expect the Honduran

Supreme Court and the Honduran Congress will not allow Zelaya to return to


While this is not a deal I

would agree to, we should be proud of the people of Honduras, as well as President

Micheletti, for standing strong in their fight to protect their freedom and


The agreement does not

provide amnesty.  Therefore, once Zelaya comes out of hiding at the

Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa,

he should be immediately arrested to stand trial for his crimes against the

Honduran people.  

This agreement is just the

beginning.  There remain a lot of unanswered questions and we remain

cautious.  The Honduran people need to stand strong and reject the failed

policies of the thugocrats of the region – like Hugo Chavez, Daniel

Ortega, and Rafael Correa – who, together with Manuel Zelaya, will stop at

nothing to inject their Bolivarian Revolution throughout the entire hemisphere.

With the upcoming

presidential elections on November 29th, President Obama and Secretary Clinton

should immediately issue a public statement supporting the election process in Honduras. 

Furthermore, they must take swift action now to restore aid as well as

reinstate the revoked visas of Honduran officials.  Finally, the

Administration must recognize the results of the elections. 

In addition, the United States

must remove Ambassador Hugo Llorens from his post so he cannot manipulate the

upcoming vote.  As I have said before, and in the request for a GAO

investigation into the Ambassador’s conduct during this situation, the U.S.

Embassy in Tegucigalpa must remain neutral as

the people of Honduras

decide the future of their democracy next month. 

The Honduran people want to live in freedom, and they seek the same ideals

that we have: freedom, security and prosperity. The United States must stand with the

Honduran people as they work toward this goal.

Background: Honduran President Roberto

Micheletti and former president Manuel Zelaya reached an agreement last night

that would give the Honduran Congress the power, with the consultation of the

Supreme Court, to decide on Zelaya’s future once again.  In June, both the

Honduran Congress and the Honduran Supreme Court voted overwhelmingly to have

Zelaya removed for his unconstitutional and illegal actions.  Today’s

agreement calls for a reconciliation government to take over in the meantime.

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