The American Immigration Law Foundation Becomes American Immigration Council


American Immigration Law Foundation announced a name change to accompany a

more ambitious mission for the organization. The new name, American Immigration Council,

reflects the expansion of the organization to assume a larger role and greater

involvement in the immigration policy, education, and exchange communities. It

is also recognition that the organization has grown both in size and

stature over the last five years as our program work has expanded beyond the

courtroom and into the halls of Congress and the public square. The American Immigration Council will

continue to serve existing constituencies, but will expand its reach to new

partners and programs. 

“Our new name and identity more clearly reflects our growing mission to

serve an expanding field of immigration advocates,” said Benjamin Johnson,

Executive Director. “The American Immigration Council is structured to

provide more room at the table for diverse parties interested in

immigration.  The Council will form an umbrella under which we will build

additional partnerships while continuing the success of our existing



American Immigration Council is also introducing a new brand identity and

website,, which unifies its four key programs:  Immigration Policy Center, Legal Action Center, International Exchange Center, and Community Education Center.


change represents another step forward in the evolution of the organization,

founded almost 25 years ago. The American

Immigration Council, which has positioned itself as one of the

foremost experts in immigration law, policy, education, and exchange programs,

will continue its mission of honoring our

immigrant past and shaping our immigrant future.

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