NCLR Denounces Violence in Immigration Debate

Washington, DC—In the wake of a reported shooting

incident near the home of CNN media personality Lou Dobbs, NCLR (National

Council of La Raza), the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy

organization in the United States, denounced violence or the threat of violence

as a means to an end and repeated its call for toning down the rhetoric

surrounding the immigration debate.


thoughts are with Lou and his family,” said NCLR President and CEO Janet

Murguía.  “Our community knows all too well the impact

that extreme rhetoric and a hostile climate can have on an issue like

this.  Every year since the immigration debate started, hate crimes

against Latinos have increased, as has the number of hate groups targeting


“While it

is unclear who or what was behind this particular incident, we know that

violence has no place in this debate,” Murguía continued.  “We have

appealed to the networks repeatedly over the past three years to tone

down the demonization of immigrants that is purveyed nightly

over the nation’s cable network news and talk radio. 

We will continue our work to ensure that cooler heads on

all sides of this debate prevail.”

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