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United Against MS-13
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An FBI and State Department initiative brings together agencies from the U.S. and Central America to fight transnational gangs. Story

Alabama Man Sentenced on Child Pornography Charges

Reuben Eugene Ferguson, of Huntsville, Alabama, was sentenced to 17.5 years in

prison for possessing, receiving, and transporting child pornography.

Two Romanian Men Plead Guilty in Georgia in ATM Skimming Scheme

Romulus Bacian and Marius Enache Csapay, both of Romania, pled guilty in

Atlanta, Georgia to their roles in a conspiracy to steal ATM/debit card account

information from hundreds of Washington Mutual customers using

“skimming” equipment they illegally affixed to ATMs around the metro

Atlanta area.

Members of International Hacking Ring Charged in Elaborate $9.4

Million Fraud

Members of an international hacking ring were indicted in Atlanta,

Georgia on charges of

hacking into a computer network operated by the Atlanta-based credit card

processing company RBS WorldPay, which is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland. The

sophisticated and elaborate computer fraud attack resulted in the loss of more

than $9 million in less than 12 hours.

Oregon Man Sentenced for Producing Child Pornography Using His


Mark A. Hoffman, of Portland,

Oregon, was sentenced to 50 years

in prison following his guilty plea to two counts of production of child

pornography. Images sent by Hoffman to other fathers included pictures and

videos of Hoffman’s minor daughters engaged in sexual conduct with Hoffman.

Eight Indicted in Oregon on Heroin Trafficking Charges

Eight defendants were indicted in Medford,

Oregon on heroin distribution

conspiracy charges. The coordinated investigation leading to the indictments

resulted in the seizure of more then two pounds of heroin, cash, and weapons.

Texas Mortgage and Real Estate Broker Sentenced for Mortgage


Clarence Lewis, III, of Houston, was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison

without parole for running a mortgage fraud scheme in which he obtained more

than $12 million in fraudulent residential mortgage loans.

Former Pennsylvania Police Officer Sentenced for Robbery

Malik Snell, a former Philadelphia police

officer, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for an attempted home-invasion

robbery in Pottstown, and the robbery of a

large-scale drug dealer.

Fifteen Indicted in Michigan Drug Trafficking Investigation

Fifteen individuals were indicted by a federal grand jury relating to charges

of conspiracy to distribute crack and powder cocaine in Bay City, Michigan.

Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Sentenced for Cocaine


Former Department of Public Safety Trooper Jesus Rafael Larrazolo, of Brownsville, Texas,

was sentenced to 87 months in federal prison without parole for possessing with

intent to distribute 26 kilograms of cocaine.

Kentucky Teacher Pleads Guilty to Possession of Child


Kenneth Shadoan, a former Paris,

Kentucky high school teacher,

pled guilty to possessing approximately 225 child pornography photos and 30


Washington Man Sentenced for Armed Bank Robbery

Eric M. Hawkins, a former resident of Bremerton,

Washington, was sentenced to

seven years in prison for armed bank robbery. Hawkins had been incarcerated in Texas on drug charges when authorities linked him to the

robbery of a Key Bank branch in Bremerton.

Accomplice of Former UBS Investment Banker Pleads Guilty to

Insider Trading

Michael Koulouroudis, an accomplice of a former UBS investment banker, pled

guilty to charges of conspiracy and securities fraud as a result of trading

based on inside information stolen from UBS.

Connecticut Man Convicted of Structuring Cash Transactions

James Botti, of Shelton, Connecticut, was convicted on charges of

structuring cash transactions in order to hide the existence of a large amount

of cash from the IRS and federal law enforcement authorities.

Oregon Career Offender Sentenced for Bank Robbery

Johnathan Darrell Singleton, of Portland,

Oregon, was sentenced to serve

151 months in federal prison for bank robbery. Singleton’s criminal history

includes four state convictions for robbery, and convictions for assault and


Idaho Man Guilty of Defrauding Investment Company of $3.1


Timothy Patrick Flaherty, of Boise, Idaho, agreed to plead guilty in Boston,

Massachusetts, to wire fraud in connection with a scheme to defraud an

investment company of $3.1 million in order to buy and sell securities using

the company’s money rather than his own.

Massachusetts Man Indicted on Illegal Ammunition, Explosives


Abraham Forish, of Ware, Massachusetts, was charged with possessing numerous

rounds of varying calibers of ammunition after having been convicted of a

felony and with manufacturing the explosive material triacetone triperoxide

(TATP) without a license.

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