This Week in Immigration:

Secretary Napolitano Makes First Speech on Immigration

Reform Department of Homeland

Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s speech today at the Center for American

Progress (CAP) will probably be remembered as a key moment in the history of

immigration reform. The Secretary didn’t just express support for a

comprehensive overhaul of our immigration system; she made it clear that it was

an imperative for the ultimate security of the United States.

“Strong Winds of Change”

Sweep Dobbs off of CNN
Lou Dobbs, CNN

anchor and self-dubbed “Mr. Independent” signed off from his nightly

post on the network Wednesday night. Ending a nearly 30-year career with CNN

and a long history of spreading misinformation about immigration and

immigrants, his departure marks an interesting opportunity for immigration

reformers to stand up for a fair and honest debate of immigration policy. 

Today, We Honor Our Immigrant

Service Members
America will celebrate its

veterans around the nation today, honoring those who have served our nation

with selflessness and bravery. Included in the millions who have served are

immigrants. From the Revolutionary war to current conflicts, immigrants have

joined the ranks of our military to fight for and defend America since its

inception.Just as U.S. citizens, immigrants-both legal and

undocumented-residing in the United States have answered the call to defend the

United States and have gone on to earn the highest honors and ranks the

military offers.

House Health Care Bill a Mixed Bag for Immigrants

on Saturday night the House passed its health care reform bill and put the ball

back in the Senate’s court. The goal is to make health care more affordable and

more accessible for millions of Americans. Once again, immigration became a

major obstacle to the bill’s passage as immigration restrictionists and others

pushed for harsher language and verification rules to exclude unauthorized

immigrants from the bill’s benefits.

Two Legal Immigrants Unjustly Detained by Immigration and Customs

Enforcement (ICE)

the past several months, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has made

concerted efforts to overhaul our flawed immigration detention system-aiming

for more transparency and broadened federal oversight. Deserving of equal

attention, however, is Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) loose

enforcement policy, which also ensnares legal immigrants.

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