Campaign to Collect Thousands of Postcards Targeting Members of Congress

Washington, DC The Reform Immigration FOR America Campaign is proud to partner with the

“Home of the Holidays” campaign in an effort to push Congress to

action on comprehensive immigration reform. This week, faith leaders across America

gathered to launch a major escalation of the faith community’s efforts to press

Congress into addressing this issue.  Besides major events in four states,

“Home for the Holidays” will collect 250,000 postcards targeting

Members of Congress. Reform Immigration FOR America will be contributing 12,000

postcards to this effort. 

“People of faith will be crucial

to our efforts to finally pass comprehensive immigration reform and we are

thrilled to be working so closely with them. People of faith recognize the

moral obligation posed by our broken immigration system and their leadership is

welcome. Their effort brings together many diverse faiths, the scale is

unprecedented, and the effort is timely. Our failed immigration system is

keeping thousands of immigrant families apart – and not just for the holidays. America needs

comprehensive immigration reform that is fair and humane, and finally resolves

this issue for the American people once and for all,” said Rich Stolz,

campaign manager for the Reform Immigration FOR America Campaign.

Tuning In for Immigration


National dialogue led by

Rep. Gutierrez signals one more step towards just and humane legislation

What:   Led by Congressman Luis

Gutierrez (D-IL), thousands will join Families, Freedom and Faith “house

parties” on November 18 to openly discuss the benefits and challenges of

reforming our broken immigration system.  The conversation will be

broadcast live via telephone to over 325 locations nationwide.  In Los Angeles, more than

ten house parties will be held. Four sites will be open to members of the


Who:    Coalition for

Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), Central American Resource

Center (CARECEN), LA-Voice Pico, and other members of the Reform Immigration

FOR America Campaign.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009, English:  5 p.m. (PST),   Spanish:  6 p.m.


Where:  House Party in English and

Spanish (5 p.m. and 6 p.m.)



        2845 West 7th Street, Los

Angeles, CA  90005 (first floor – Corner of 7th

and Hoover)



        House Party in English and

Spanish (5 p.m. and 6 p.m.)



        Dolores Mission

Church, 170 S Gless Street, Los Angeles, CA 90033


Youth House Party in English (6:30 p.m.)

2533 West 3rd Street, Los

Angeles, CA  90057 (west of Alvarado Street)


Party in English (4:30 p.m.)


State University Northridge, 1811

Nordhoff St., Northridge CA 91330

Chicano/a House (on Plummer St & Etiwanda – in front of the Art Building)

Why:    Congressman Luis

Gutierrez is expected to introduce immigration reform legislation soon. 

Thousands of Americans want to learn what reform would look like.  On Nov.

18, hundred will join friends and families at homes, union halls, churches, ESL

classes, and community organizations to hear about the proposed bill and take

action in the fight for immigration reform.  What components will be

included in the legislation?  When will the bill be debated?  How

soon can it pass? And, what can community members do to support the campaign

and to involve other people?


Men, women and youth gathered to listen and ask questions.  Participants

will then dialogue about what they just heard.  American flags and

campaign posters.


For information about the national campaign, please contact us or visit .

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