Immigrants, Latinos, and Asians are Growing Economic and Political Force in Indiana

Washington D.C. – The ImmigrationPolicy Center

has compiled research which shows that immigrants, Latinos, and

Asians are an important part of Indiana’s economy, labor

force, and tax base.  Immigrants and their children are a

growing economic and political force as workers, consumers,

taxpayers, and entrepreneurs. With the state working

towards recovery, immigrants and their children will continue to play a

key role in shaping the economic and political future of

the Hoosier State.


from Indiana include:

  • Immigrants make up 4.2%

    of Indiana’s total


  • While the margin of Latino

    voters in Indiana

    may seem small at 1.3% (or 36,000), their number was greater than the

    margin of victory by which the 2008 Presidential election was won in

    the state (28,391 votes).

  • More than 35% of immigrants

    in Indiana are naturalized


    citizens who are eligible to vote.  

  • Immigrants in Indiana paid an estimated $2.3 billion

    in federal, state, and local taxes in 2007.

  • The purchasing power of Indiana’s Latinos

    totaled $6.8 billion and Asians totaled $3.1 billion in 2008.

  • If all unauthorized immigrants

    were removed from Indiana,

    the state would lose $2.8 billion in expenditures, $1.3 billion in

    economic output and approximately 16,700 jobs.

There is no

denying the contributions immigrants, Latinos, and Asians make

and the important role they will play in Indiana’s political and economic

future. For more data on their contributions to the Hoosier State,

view the IPC fact sheet in its entirety.

Read more

about immigrant contributions in other states:  

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