LISTA Partnership with NAHE Demonstrates Group’s Growing Influence

New York, NY

(CapitalWirePR)– The

Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association (LISTA) has joined

the National Association of Hispanic Education’s Hispanic STEM Initiative

Network. The partnership reinforces NAHE’s current implementation of an

aggressive five-year plan to mobilize the nation’s full range of human and

institutional assets for the expressed purpose of improving the educational

attainment of Hispanic students, particularly in science, technology,

engineering, and mathematics (STEM).  

“There has long-existed a wealth of assets in the form of human ingenuity,

talent, expertise and experience among a range of Hispanic stakeholder groups

and organizations throughout the country,” says Adam Chavarria, President of

the National Association of Hispanic Education. Chavarria assumed stewardship

of NAHE after serving as the Executive Director of the White House Initiative

on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans (White House Initiative) in

2003 under the Bush Administration.

“LISTA is such an organization and now, as an integral part of the Hispanic

STEM Initiative Network, we look forward to drawing on the depth of

technological talent LISTA possesses among its members in order to help improve

education outcomes for Latino students in the STEM disciplines.”  

NAHE’s Hispanic STEM Initiative Network aligns closely with LISTA’s commitment

to provide partners, members and the community with the leverage and education

they need to succeed in a highly advanced technologically driven society. Through

participation in NAHE’s collaborative network of public and private

organizations, LISTA will contribute to NAHE’s mission to increase:  



number of qualified math and science teachers in our classrooms;



number of informed Hispanic parents, families, and communities involved in

their children’s education;



number of Hispanic students graduating from high school academically prepared

to undertake the rigors of a college education; and



number of Hispanic college graduates ready to pursue careers in the STEM


“Employment opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics

are expected to increase at an alarming rate in the next decade,” says Jose A

Marquez-Leon, President and CEO of LISTA. “If we don’t take action now, our

community will not be prepared to reap the benefits of these industries. We

must identify best practices in STEM education and work in partnership with the

Hispanic STEM Initiative to enhance education, workforce and innovation


Eduardo Gonzalez Loumiet, President of LISTA’s Florida Chapter and member of

the organization’s National Board of Directors assisted in coordinating the

partnership with NAHE.  

“I am honored to represent LISTA in the Hispanic STEM Initiative,” says Gonzalez

Loumiet. “Partnerships and relationships like this are critical to achieving

those goals needed to prepare young Latinos for an increasingly dynamic and

challenging world. We look forward to harnessing LISTA’s network to improve the

state of Hispanic education. “  

“LISTA’s example, experience and accomplishments will serve to inspire our

young people to set their sights high and to pursue rewarding careers in the

STEM fields, particularly at a time when our nation needs such talent,”

concludes Chavarria.  

About Latinos in Information Sciences

and Technology Association (LISTA)

LISTA ( mission is simple to educate, motivate and

empower the Latino community with Technology. LISTA promotes the utilization of

the technology sectors for the empowerment of the Latino community. LISTA is an

organization that is committed to bringing various elements of Technology under

one central hub to facilitate our partners, members and the community with the

leverage and education they need to succeed in a highly advanced

technologically driven society. 

For more information on LISTA ETL Summit or National Latino

Technology Achievers Awards please visit  

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About the National Association for

Hispanic Education (NAHE)

The mission of NAHE is to promote and ensure the success of Hispanic students

at all educational levels—from early childhood and elementary schooling through

collegiate and professional education—across all 50 states and the Commonwealth

of Puerto Rico. In fulfilling its mission, NAHE will forge a national network

of stakeholder groups and organizations in a collaborative effort to transform

the future of Hispanic education–beginning with the implementation of a

five-year action plan that maximizes Hispanic educational achievement in the

science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. This is the

purpose of the NAHE’s Hispanic STEM Initiative.  

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