Venezuelan Vice President Denounces New Manipulation of Colombian Government

The Colombian government is manipulating public opinion by stating that it will

denounce Venezuela

before international organizations for blowing up border bridges used for

smuggling, drug trafficking and paramilitary activities, said Venezuelan

Executive Vice-President, Ramón Carrizales.

“We are witnesses of a new provocation, another manipulation of the Colombian

government, because they are talking about border bridges, international

bridges, as if they [the ones that were destroyed] were legal,” said the vice

president, in response to the statements made by the Colombian Defense Minister

Gabriel Silva Lujan.

Silva said yesterday that “Officers in uniform arrived to the Venezuelan side,

apparently of the Venezuelan Army, located two pedestrian crossings linking

communities of both sides –civilian bridges built by communities itself, and

they blasted them in the Venezuelan side to affect the normal life of civilian


In a telephone conversation with the state-owned VTV channel, Carrizalez

cleared up that “the border crossings have to be convened by both governments,

with the presence of both states, with customs and the rest of the regular

inspection points. However, when we find improvised crossings in non-convened

places or any other kind of construction used for smuggling and drug

trafficking, we are obliged to exercise our sovereignty.

“We have never passed to the Colombian territory or attacked that country as

they are pretending. They want to qualify us as the aggressors to generate a

media campaign, in which they would be seen as victims, trying to hide the

reality of a Colombia

that has been transformed into a great Yankee military base putting in risk the

stability of all the South American countries,” said the Vice-President.

Carrizalez reminded that the government of Colombia

“kidnapped a Colombian citizen in Venezuela

and took him by force back to his country; we must also remember the incursion

into Ecuadorian territory; the complicity with which the Colombian government

allowed drugs to enter our country; and the paramilitary activities supported

by the Colombian government that has passed to the Venezuela.”

The bridges were clandestine crossings or shortcuts used for smuggling, drug

trafficking and paramilitary activities. They were located over the Táchira River

(Venezuela) border with the

Department of Norte de Santander (Colombia).

Bolivarian News Agency/Embassy of the BolivarianRepublic of Venezuela in the U.S. Press and communications

Office/November 20, 2009


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