“Appointment of New Chair, Henry L. Solano, Will Help Guide NLCI’s Strategic Priorities”

WASHINGTON, DC-The National Latino Children’s Institute (NLCI), a San Antonio,

Texas-based national nonprofit organization, announced today that Henry L.

Solano has been appointed the new Chair of the Board of Directors. He will

guide the vibrant NLCI board and staff to move forward in implementing its

strategic priorities. “Today, at our strategic planning and annual board meeting,

we reconfirmed our commitment to Latino children and youth,” said NLCI newly elected

Board Chair, Henry Solano.

Mr. Solano has been a part of NLCI since its

inception.  He is a former Clinton

appointee and most recently served as the interim president and general counsel

for MALDEF.  He is currently a partner at Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP, based

in New York. 

A former U.S.

attorney for District of Colorado and solicitor for the U.S. Department of

Labor, Solano currently serves on the board of directors for MALDEF and the

National Hispana Leadership Institute. 

NLCI also added three new board members Rocky

Egusquiza is currently Vice President of Member Value at AARP (formerly of the

Ford Motor Company Fund & Community Services), Diana C. Diaz, Director of

Corporate and Community Affairs at Univision, , and Mary Lou de Leon Siantz,

PhD, RN, FAAN, Assistant Dean Diversity and Cultural Affairs School of Nursing

at the University of Pennsylvania,  an academic leader and child advocate.

They all bring a wealth of experience from diverse fields and will provide

valuable expertise to the organization as it continues its role as a vital

national resource with, for and on behalf of Latino children and youth.  

“NLCI is thrilled to have these new

members join our Board of Directors,” said NLCI Executive Director

Josephine F. Garza. “They are talented and committed leaders who

know that every step we take to improve the lives of Latino children improves

the lives of all of us. We will benefit greatly from their guidance and

leadership as NLCI continues its mission to focus the nation’s attention on

issues and challenges facing young Latinos and to assist communities in finding


During the strategic planning meeting, NLCI board

and staff made a commitment to building healthy communities for young Latinos

by implementing the following four key strategies:


NLCI a vital national resource works with, for and on behalf of

young Latinos through designing, developing and implementing innovative

in-culture programs and initiatives that support their healthy and social


2.NLCI advances public policy through evidence-based/outcomes-based

evaluative programming and is recognized as a leading advocacy organization for

young Latinos.

3.NLCI increases public awareness of the values, resources,

challenges and issues of young Latinos and their families.

4.NLCI integrates a comprehensive national network of Latino youth

serving organizations and partners.

“NLCI connects our

diverse communities through the demonstrated ability to translate culture by

developing in-culture programs that take into account language, history,

traditions and the diversity of the Latino community, as such we are working

toward creating an America where all Latino children and youth succeed”said NLCI’s elected Chair

of the Board of Directors, Henry Solano.

For more information about the National Latino

Children’s Institute, visit www.nlci.org

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