Why I Hate The Tea Party

By Roland E. Roebuck

I am very amused by the recent increase of racism projected by the crazy members of the Tea Party. These groupies should not be allowed to enter the Nations Capitol, they are a danger to themselves and others.

They should remain in their respective segregated zip codes, chewing their tobacco, wearing proudly their tightly fitted NRA T-shirts and singing Dixie at the local karaoke saloon.

The Tea Party membership is composed of American racist crackers, primarily from the South and other intellectually underdeveloped regions of the USA.

Their sole purpose is to project their archaic racism towards the US President and other enlighten Congressional legislators, who don’t agree with their infantile political ideology.

These Tea Party folk are a pathetic bunch, badly dressed individuals, (polyester is their favorite fabric) can’t spell, I read their protest signs and their ladies are still wearing hairdos from the 50’s many of them are real ugly and fat, (they should listen to the First Lady Obama and get with the obesity control program).

I say this, if you are coming to my City to protest, please, please bring your best from your herd, you will not be able to recruit members by bringing your worst stock, it does not show well on Fox News.

If you add their IQ’s all together, you may get a grand total of 36. Why are these white Americans upset?, because they can not tolerate the fact that an Afro-American family resides in the White House and they are going to be there for a long but long time.

Sadly to say, these Tea Party members carry their Bible on one hand and their Republican registration card on the other one.

These are the same folk who on Sunday go faithfully to a segregated church and pray to the Devil, to see if he can help them remove the Obama’s from the face of the earth. They do so because the Good Lord has deserted them with just cause.

Their collective racism makes this Nation looks foolish in the eyes of the civilized world. I am glad that these maggots have surfaced and embarrassed the Republican Party, this entity in collusion with no IQ Sarah Palin, are trying to win them over.

Many in this Nation, were under the incorrect assumption that electing a Black man, was a very visible sign that racism in the US, was a thing of the past.

I knew differently, racism has shown it’s ugly head again and the majority of these heads (some wearing toupees) are white Americans.

We have also witnessed a few Mexican Americans joining the Tea Party, we know how this group operates, at times they can be as racist as the KKK, as a matter of fact one of them ran unsuccesfully for Texas Governor, under the Tea Party ticket. I am glad that she lost, she looked like she belonged in the local “Loco House”.

We can not sit idle and allow this bunch of crazies to spit their way into a meaningful political force.

We got to arm ourselves and meet them at the OK Corral and see who is the real bad ass dude in this hypocritical Democracy. Luckily for me and them, I don’t live near these Tea Party folk.

I don’t think that the National Tea Party, will able to set up a headquarter in our city.

White people in the DC, area who many harbor racist tendencies and may be sort of stealth Tea Party supporters, have learned quickly to camouflaged them, in order to guarantee their urban safety.

It is indeed sad that the media has paid so much attention to the Tea Party locos and as a result, they have overlooked substantial examples of cross racial collaboration taken place in various locations in our City.

Final note, if you see a Tea Party member, they are easy to detect, they look sort of zombie like, please share this note with them, maybe upon reading it, they will get a mild heart attack and may need to access the newly passedNational Health Insurance Plan.

(Roland Roebuck, is a DC-based community activist, sort of racist but he has a few white friends)

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