Tens of Thousands to Demonstrate on May Day Demanding Federal Action on Immigration Reform

WHO: Broad Immigrant Rights Community and their Allies

WHAT: May Day for America Events

WHEN: Saturday, May 1, 2010

WHERE: More than 80 events in cities across the country

WHY: The May Day for America marches and rallies represent a major escalation from the grassroots immigrant rights community. Across America, people are frustrated with partisan bickering in Congress, the ongoing separation of families by DHS, and the lack of leadership from the Obama Administration. Further, recent action by the state ofArizona to pass a law that creates a police state, subjects every Latino citizen to harassment, and undermines community policing has caused a significant outcry that has reverberated around the country. While other states consider taking up legislation similar to Arizona’s, immigrant and civil rights groups announce boycotts and demand immediate action on comprehensive immigration reform as the only common sense, rational, and effective solution to the immigration crisis that is separating families and destroying communities.

May Day will be a reminder to our political leaders of the power of the immigrant community, who voted overwhelmingly for change in 2008 and have been disappointed with the lack of progress to date. Key events are being held in Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Chicago, Ann Arbor, and Milwaukee, as well as other cities nationwide. In Washington, several thousand are expected to gather at Lafayette Park just beyond the gates of White House, and in Phoenix thousands will hold a vigil at the State Capitol.

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