Latino leaders to protest proposed budget cuts to the Latino Community and the Office of Latino Affairs

The OLA office was established in 1976 as a key component of the “Latino Community Development Act to ensure that “a full range of health, education, employment, and social services are available to all DC Latino residents.” Today OLA’s office provides Community-Based Grants and Community Relations and Outreach programs to the growing Latino population of the District of Columbia.

The FY11 DC Government Budget is proposing a cut of 1.5 million dollars to OLA budget which represents a 50% reduction as compared to OLA’s FY10 budget. Taking the FY2009 budget as a baseline, the proposed cuts represent a 62% cut over 2 years. This translates into a total reduction of over $2.1 million for grants during this time period. “These proposed budget cuts will have a detrimental impact in our Latino children and our youth and elderly, our single parents, our Latino families and our Latino community as a whole” noted Rodrigo B. Leiva, Executive Director, of the Latino Federation of Greater Washington.

“In hard times like this recession, we must all make sacrifices. We in the Latino community are ready to make sacrifices that are proportional and just. This proposed budget is neither. It demands from the Latino community to bear a disproportionate burden of budget cuts and the sacrifice of quality of life for our community that this entails. We will not stand by and allow for this to happen” Expanded Judy Diaz, Executive Director of Neighbors Consejo.

What we are seeing in our community is the raising of taxes masqueraded as parking and traffic violation fees and fees related to the department of public works and other departments. This proposed budget is making harder for the struggling working poor that are not only Latinos, but also African-American, Asian American, elderly and youth” Expressed Rosa Rivas Spokesperson for the Mount Pleasant Latino Association

DATE: Tuesday May 4th, 2010

TIME: 11:00 AM


(1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20004.)

Source: Latino Federation of Greater Washington

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