Dos y Dos truly is a bilingual masterpiece

Dos y Dos is a ground-breaking, fun, educational television series for children ages 2 through 7. Every show in the series is recorded in Spanish with several words and phrases spoken in English. This allows children to be entertained in Spanish while learning elementary words and phrases in English.

In every show, cast members Sofia, Fernando, Adriana, and Andres must solve a “Riddle of the day” by finding five (5) giant puzzle pieces, which when placed in the “Puzzle Board”, will reveal the topic or theme of the show for that day.

Dos y Dos is designed to build skills deemed critical for early childhood development. As the cast solves the “Riddle of the day”, they teach fundamental core values like sharing, helping, and the importance of teamwork. Every show has three music videos performed by the cast in Spanish, with one of those music videos performed also in English, making a total of four educational music videos per half-hour episode.

As each show comes to an end, children have learned something special: sometimes it may be shapes or colors, and other times it may be about things like the weather or how to mix two colors of paint together to make a new color.

Best of all, Dos y Dos truly is a bilingual masterpiece, featuring a live cast singing, dancing, entertaining and educating.

Dos y Dos airs nationally on the LATV U.S. network and can be seen in 45 cities, including 19 of the top 21 Hispanic markets. Dos y Dos has begun an International roll-out and will begin airing in Puerto Rico this May (Telemundo) and will begin airing in Ecuador toward the end of 2010.

Look for many more announcements in the months ahead. To find a listing of current U.S. Cities, refer to the “Watch Us” section on our homepage.


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