Funding for Hispanic Organizations in Prince George’s County

The office of County Council Member Will Campos is happy to announce that even during these tough economic times there was a considerable amount of moneys that were found to help Hispanic-based organizations that help the Latino and immigrant community.

“Even during these very difficult times, we were able to spread close to 0.75 million dollars among organizations working directly with the Latino community of our County or that indirectly work with large immigrant and Latinos in Prince George’s County,” said Campos.

Although the need will always be greater than what the County can give at any given time, Councilman Campos along with his colleagues were able to lobby for the following non-profits:

CASA de Maryland – an advocacy organization for the rights of immigrants. Currently running a workers center in Langley Park, MD.

Chillum Youth Project- the Chillum Youth Project is a summer camp for under-privileged kids in the HMB area (Hyattsville, Mt. Rainier, Brentwood, Langley Park) whose kids are predominantly Hispanic. They organize all kinds of activities to keep kids busy and educated during the summer months.

LAYC/MMYC – Latin American Youth Center – an amazing organizations that helps all youth that need guidance in so many aspects of life. LAYC currently does a lot of gang prevention work in Prince George’s county and was part of a funding recommendation on a report written by Council Member Campos to aid in gang prevention two years ago.

CARECEN – “a community based organization that seeks to foster the comprehensive development of the Latino community in the Washington metropolitan region.” Currently working in Prince George’s County with the unfortunate number of Hispanics that have been affected by the housing market crash by providing foreclosure assistance.

Liberty’s Promise – “Liberty’s Promise supports young immigrants in need while encouraging them to be active and conscientious American citizens.” They have been working in Montgomery County and Virginia and wanted to come into Prince George’s County to provide their valuable service to our youth.

Food and Friends – Although Food and Friends is not a directly Latino-based organization, they do provide over 100,000 meals to Hispanics with terminal diseases in the DC area, close to 300 families in the DC metro region alone, and over 50 families in Prince George’s County.

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