An Evil Game Just Curiosity

Carlos Peña, a 16-year-old high school student from Maryland , will never forget the day that he and his two brothers experimented with their first and only Ouija board.

For them, the Ouija board was just a “cool game” and did not believe that any harm would come from it however such was not the case.

A week later, Peña claims strange occurrences soon ensued. “I felt weird and uncomfortable,” said Peña, “It was as if somebody was observing me all the time.” The uncertainty of what was in his home continued to grow till finally one night that all changed. “I was trying to get a sandwich from the kitchen and as I walked in I saw this black shadow with red eyes in the corner staring at me. I freaked out and could not move or talk at all,” said Peña.

French Spiritualist, M. Planchette, invented the Ouija board in 1853 as a tool so that people could try to communicate with those who had crossed over to the other side. The planchette was heart-shaped, and had little legs attached to the bottom. Spiritualist mediums were the first to use these planchettes at the time, claiming that spirits would force the object to move through the mediums hands while using it.

Some people believe that playing with the Ouija boards opens doors that should not be opened. It is through these doors that evil spirits, much like the one that Peña claims to have seen, terrorize those who are most afraid of them.

Afraid for his family’s and his own well being, Peña sought out help from his pastor. The pastor claimed that the black mass that Peña saw was a devilish spirit and he would have to go to the house and have it blessed.
“I was scared that my parents would not believe what I saw so I decided to bring the pastor when they weren’t at home,” said Peña. After the blessing, Peña and his brothers agree that whatever inhabited their home left immediately and they could feel a peace and tranquility in their home.

Sadly the Ouija board is sold everywhere and any person can have access to one, but from my point of view the parents are the ones who should teach their children that what seems to be an innocent board game is truly not.

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