The Unheard Violence

By Raquel Roary

A place where teens are supposed to go and hang out to listen to their favorite bands often turns into a place where violent outbursts lead to deaths of innocent people.

Go Go’s are usually held every Friday and Saturday night and people from different areas that are forced to be in the same location which usually causes a conflict. So many young people dying because of the bands shouting out the “Hoods” or “Groups” that some of the young people are in.

Marcus Vines, a 15-year-old from Landover, was a huge fan of the Go Go’s and it was a rarity if he missed one. One night, Vines was walking back from a party when suddenly a car pulled up along the side of him. They shouted to him if he was from Riverdale and before he could ever answer the question he was shot.

This idea of claiming “Hoods” or “Gangs” is what leads to most youth that attend the Go Go’s to die. If there were no Go Go’s encouraging these kinds of problems, then Vines and many others like him would still be alive.

I believe if they are going to have Go Go’s then it should be gospel instead because not only are they becoming closer to God, they are now a part of a safe place where they can be free who they want to be without having to claim a territory.

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