Thinking Before Saying “I Do”

By Stacey Garcia

Mayra Martinez, a 25-year-old Rockville resident, has been divorced from her husband for over a year. She has custody of her 5-year-old son, Chris, and says it is hard sometimes to be a single parent.

“Being a single parent is no joke,” explained Martinez, “I think in my case it is more difficult because I’m raising a boy. There are things that only his father could teach him.”

Divorce has become a serious issue in society. The divorce rate has only become higher as the years have passed. It leads to so many changes in the family not only to the couple, but to the children involved in the marriage as well.

Not understanding as to why the divorce is happening, children become very hurt and upset. Many of the reasons for the divorce vary from financial problems to irreconcilable differences. The children do not understand this but what they do know is that their family is being broken apart.

When parents go through divorce, children feel a lack of love and attention. Even though parents try their best to sustain the love, the child can not feel the same love that was given when the parents were together.

Coming from a broken home, I know exactly how it feels like to be with a single parent. In the beginning my parent’s divorce hit me hard, especially emotionally. I did not understand as to why things were happening.

My struggle was living without my mother and not having that mother figure to run to. I felt that it would never be the same because I would be uncomfortable talking to my father. At this point in my life, I’m not that uncomfortable talking to him about certain things but I still wish that I had my mother around to talk about women issues.

Marriage is not the simplest thing to deal with; it comes with a lot of responsibility and one must have patience. It’s time for people to understand that to be married you have to be prepared for everything that involves a marriage.

For Martinez, she says she now realizes the responsibility that comes from being married and warns young people to think long and hard before saying “I do.”

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