WARNING: Is This The Beginning Of Our End?

By Sharon Hernandez

We are only in the middle of 2010 and due to several environmental occurrences and harsh economic situations; many people believe the end of the world is coming soon. Not only because of the global warming or recession, but there is something else that has caught everyone’s attention.

A 2009 science fictional film “2012,” is a film that has made people worry even more about the occurrences of the world. This film reached over $769 million worldwide. Based on Mayan beliefs and their Long Count Calendar, “2012” has many fanatics convinced that the destructive weather around the world is only the beginning of what supposedly awaits us in the future.

Maxwell Swart, founder of 2012 survival guide website, believes that his research only provides more evidence that the theory is factual. In the website, Swart features not only his various publications, but also has a countdown for the end of the world with a huge headline that reads: “WARNING: You’re Not Even CLOSE To Ready For December 21, 2012!”

Ashley McBride, high school graduate of Parkdale High School, says she believes in the theory of 2012 and knows that it is based on facts. “I think [the theory] is based on statistics and predictions,” said McBride, “[The supporters of the theory] have done research in order to come up with the predictions on what’s going to happen.”

On the other hand, those who disagree say the 2012 theory is only a scam to deceive people. Caroline Hernandez, a nonbeliever of the theory, says her religion is the reason why she knows the world isn’t going to end in two years.

“I think that the end of the world is unknown,” said Hernandez, “No man knows when exactly the end is, only God the creator himself.” Hernandez also when on to add that the claim of severe weather as a form of evidence is erroneous and “doesn’t mean anything.”

Whatever the truth is still remains to be seen; the only thing we can all do is just wait.

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