National Latina Institute Rallies at Supreme Court for Latina Health

Latinas make their voices

heard on Affordable Care Act

The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health

(NLIRH), their grassroots activists and a contingent of other health

care supporters rallied on the steps of the Supreme Court Tuesday in support of

the Affordable Care Act. Advocates from NLIRH joined hundreds of other women

and men to voice their support for the ACA as the Supreme Court justices heard


“Latinas still face far too

many health disparities, including higher rates of cervical cancer and

unintended pregnancy,” said Jessica González-Rojas, executive director of

NLIRH. “The steps the ACA takes toward closing disparities in care are critical

for Latina health.”

The Affordable Care Act

already expands health coverage for children and young people. The ACA both

eliminates coverage discrimination against children with pre-existing

conditions and requires insurance companies to cover dependents until age 26.

Thanks to the ACA, 736,000 young Latino/as have access to health care,

according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

Latinas can expect even

more access to high quality, affordable care if the Supreme Court allows the

ACA to remain intact. The law expands access to life-saving preventive care,

like cervical cancer screenings, and increases support for community health

centers, expands Medicaid coverage and ensures that every woman can plan the

timing and spacing of her family without expensive co-pays.

“On Tuesday on the Supreme Court steps,

Latinas used their voices to tell America that they deserve access to quality,

affordable healthcare, including contraception,” González-Rojas said. “The

Affordable Care Act allows millions of Latinas to make the healthiest decisions

for themselves and their families, and they made sure America heard their

support for that.”

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