DREAMers and Allies Reject Brewer’s Executive Order

The Arizona DREAM Act Coalition and community allies, are reacting with disappointment and sadness from news that Governor Jan Brewer signed an executive order denying driver’s licenses to DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival) grantees.  Governor Brewer is directly attacking children and immigrant youth, who with no fault of their own, were brought to the United States. She created the executive order the same day USCIS (United States Citizen and Immigration Services) issued the complete package and instructions for the new Deferred Action process.

3 out of 4 Arizona registered voters support the DREAM Act, according to the Merrill/Morrison Institute.

“We are saddened that Governor Brewer is siding with the past, against progress, against young people and the general support the DREAM Act has in the general population”, said Dulce Matuz, Arizona DREAM Act Coalition (ADAC) Chair. “We need to inform the community, mobilize and protect the DREAM because we want a better future for Arizona”.

“We are creating conscience in the community and we need to mobilize people to vote this November and build a wave of citizen support for DREAM Act youth”, said Reyna Montoya, ADAC Vice-chair and head of the Coalition’s Civic Engagement Initiative.

“Once again demonstrating her real agenda when it comes to immigration, Governor Brewer is still playing political games at the expense of many of her constituents,” said Janet Murguía, NCLR President and CEO.  “In a feeble attempt to score a political point against the president’s humane and sensible action, she has resorted to a petty, cruel slap in the face to thousands of young Arizonans.”

“But not even Jan Brewer’s spiteful action will mar a thrilling day for the thousands of young people in Arizona and hundreds of thousands more across the nation who will take their first steps on their way to the American Dream, thanks to deferred action,” Murguía continued.

Roberto Lovato, Co-Founder of Presente.org:

“Presente.org condemns the cynical and heartless decision by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to deny state benefits to DREAMERS who qualify for the deferred action  and the relief provided by the Obama Administration. To deny access to driver licenses, in-state university tuition and other benefits even after DREAMERS secured temporary legal status reflects the depth of hatred and political opportunism that Governor Brewer is willing to pursue.”



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