ACLU Launches Voter Empowerment Campaign to Boost Latino Vote

The election is just two months away. So are attempts to limit voter turnout. To fight back, the ACLU launched a campaign to get accurate and accessible information on voting and registration into the hands of the most vulnerable voters.

The “Let Me Vote” initiative will help voters find out how to register, what identification they may need to vote and how to take advantage of early voting in states where that’s offered.

In a time when dozens of states have attempted or enacted measures to suppress voter turnout, we need to ensure that people—especially students, the elderly and persons of color—know their rights.

Among the resources we’re deploying today is an interactive map that lets users click to see the voting rules for each state. For example, someone who goes to the information for Kansas would find that the state now requires photo ID for all voters, while Florida provides information on voting early and eligibility to vote if a person was convicted of a crime.

Many ACLU affiliates also launched their own “Let Me Vote” campaigns to get information to at-risk voters in their states. Affiliates in Florida, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania are also partnering with high-profile Latino organizations to make sure their constituencies get the information they need.

Voting is our must fundamental right. As the nation’s best-known guardian of the Constitution, the ACLU wants the voices of all eligible voters to be heard. The “Let Me Vote” campaign will go a long way toward making that happen.

Please take a look at our resources, including a video just released today that exhorts people to “make their voice heard,” at

Source: ACLU

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