Dreamers to Romney: Take down misleading Immigration Ad

Immigrant rights group held a telephonic press call this week to demand Mitt Romney’s campaign to give concrete details on his immigration plan or take down his misleading ad released Thursday morning. In the Spanish ad, Romney talks -correctly- about the failed promise from President Obama to pass immigration reform in his first term but add that he had and will work with both parties to find a “permanent solution for undocumented youth.”

“We only ask two things from Romney: a solution with details to back it up, honesty and respect to our Latino community or take down the ad,” said Erika Andiola, an undocumented leader with DREAM Action Coalition.

Mitzi Castro followed saying, “as an Arizona DREAMer, I felt offended to hear Mitt Romney refer to me as an ‘illegal’ during the debate. I and my friends and family, who are citizens, will be worries about my future, specially since Romney has not made his plans clear.”

Romney “appears to be making true on a tactic to mislead not by saying that he is Latino but by saying he supports an immigration policy that does not square with reality, specially the far right rhetoric he adopted during the primaries,” said Cesar Vargas, an undocumented youth and Director with the DREAM Action Coalition.

“In his ad, Mitt Romney talks about working a bi-partisan way to give a permanent solution to undocumented students. The DREAM Act is already a bi-partisan solution and he has said over and over again that he would veto it as a president”, added Frank Sharry, Executice Director of Americas Voice.

To listen to the recording click: http://fxm.conferencingcenter.com/Download.aspx?password=fda316381b2445ecae0bd7c726ff3ed6

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