Undocumented youth encourage citizens to dedicate their vote to the Dream Act

LAS VEGAS, NV –  As the 2012 election cycle comes to a close, all political eyes are focusing on the turnout of the Latino vote that will decide the next president and down-ticket races. President Obama currently has a comfortable lead over Romney in the crucial swing states.

Both candidates have been promoting their stances on immigration, specially their support for undocumented youth. President Obama issued an executive directive stopping the deportation of undocumented students. Conversely, Mitt Romney launched an ad indicating his support for finding a permanent solution for this group, without specifying a plan.

But while the candidates duke it out on the stump, the DREAMers have been registering voters and encouraging their family and friends to cast their votes and give their undocumented community members a political voice.

From New York City to Nevada, Florida to Arizona, undocumented youth are boldly connecting to the Latino electorate more than any campaign can. Cesar Vargas, an undocumented law graduate who recently filed his application to the NYS bar, has been working with DREAMers from across the country to get the Latino electorate be their voice election day.


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