Hispanic Leadership Academy Certifies 1000 Hispanic Professionals

Center for Hispanic Leadership (CHL) and its culturally relevant online Hispanic Leadership Academy exceeded its introductory goals as it successfully certified 1000 Latino professionals.

Hispanic Leadership Academy (HLA)- is the first interactive, video-based training and certification platform whose curriculum was specifically designed for the advancement of Hispanic professionals in the workplace and to help business owners become better leaders and operators.

According to CHL Founder Glenn Llopis, “we are extremely proud of the impact we are creating to help guide the advancement of Hispanic professionals in the United States through our culturally relevant certification curriculum.   As the fastest growing workforce and business owners in America – it’s now time for Hispanics to flourish as leaders, to get noticed more quickly and elevate their performance capabilities more rapidly. Hispanics are a viable economic development engine, yet a lot work still needs to be done.  CHL has proven through its Hispanic Leadership Academy – that when Hispanics fully leverage their cultural values as sources of strength, they become more successful – because they begin to naturally enable the ways they think, act, and innovate to lead more effectively and authentically.”

As the majority-minority in this country since 2008, CHL believes the economic current of America runs directly through the Hispanic community. Yet Hispanics lack sufficient leadership voices in business, government and the media who can build trustworthy, sustainable and profitable relationships with the community and help lift the next generation. Hispanics represent 16% of the United States population and that number is projected to reach 30% by 2050.

“U.S. Hispanics represent the largest economic development engine for reclaiming America’s global competitiveness. That brings with it an enormous responsibility to the Hispanic community to enable their inherent skill-sets and capabilities in order to become more valued and influential in America, says Llopis.”

According to HLA certification recipient Miguel Mendoza, “Before taking the online program, I had not appreciated the extent to which my Hispanic heritage equipped me to excel in corporate America.   CHL’s Hispanic Leadership Academy clearly helped me realize that elements that I had taken for granted about myself; namely, the natural cultural characteristics, truly are so well attuned to excellence in the corporate environment.”

Vanessa Dominguez, another HLA certification recipient passionately noted, “Hispanic Leadership Academy helped me learn so much about myself that I had never previously known.  I feel more empowered and valued than ever before in my career, specifically the potential I have as a Latina that I had been leaving on the table.”

Hispanic Leadership Academy certification curriculum categories include Leadership, Career Advancement and Entrepreneurial Skills.  Additional curriculum categories include how to lead Hispanic employees and market/sell to Hispanic consumers.  Combined, HLA features 15 hours of interactive video-based training with an additional 10 hours to be introduced in 2013.

For more information, regarding CHL’s online Hispanic Leadership Academy and how to introduce to your organization and/or college & university please contact Annette Prieto-Llopis at [email protected].


About Center for Hispanic Leadership

CHL is a nationally recognized consulting and training organization focused on issues regarding Hispanic growth strategies, and has been featured on hundreds of trade publications, online magazines and nationally syndicated television and radio shows.   CHL product and service offerings to business owners, universities and Fortune 500 clients deliver leadership development, career advancement, marketing to Hispanic consumers, diversity management and entrepreneurship.  CHL’s extensive library of culturally relevant content includes published books, eBooks, whitepapers, blogs, and its breakthrough online Hispanic Leadership Academy – that is the first interactive, video-based training and certification platform whose curriculum was specifically designed for and about Hispanic business owners, employees and companies that desire to conduct business with Hispanics.


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