March 18 Rally for Immigrant Women, Youth, and Families joined national leaders and advocates in the Upper Senate Park of the U.S. Capitol to co-host the March 18 Rally for Immigrant Women, Youth, and Families. The event serves as a platform for immigrant women, youth, and immigration reform advocates calling for an immigration policy reform that advances the civil and human rights of immigrant women and their families.

Statement from Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, Executive Director of

“Across the nation, immigrant women are essential contributors to our American families, communities, and economy. Yet on a daily basis undocumented immigrant women who aspire to be citizens, are marginalized due to our broken immigration system, facing the fear of being separated from their children because our country currently has an inadequate roadmap to obtaining legal citizenship.

“The current dysfunctional immigration system is also inflicting unnecessary pain on women who entered our country using legal channels.  The backlogs and decades-long waiting periods for family reunification are unacceptable.

“We must work together to advocate for an immigration reform that parallels with our American values of family unity. That’s who we are as a nation. And that’s why at, we are advocating to reform our immigration policy so it strengths our families, our communities, and our national economy.

“It is estimated that five million children in our country live in fear of being separated from their parents. Currently over 5,100 children are now in foster care after being separated from their parents.

“Enough is enough. We are a nation of strong family values.  Our economy is fueled by diversity.

“Congress must come together to develop policies that are good for all our families.

“As mothers, we are calling for inclusive and humane immigration policies that strengthen our families, builds our economy, and aligns with our nation’s values.”

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