Organizations to Gather for Immigration Reform Rally at U.S. Capitol

SEIU, Black immigrant activists, SEIU and racial justice organizations will participate.



More than 700 Caribbean and African Immigrants to Demand that Their Distinct Needs Be Addressed in Forthcoming Policy

For years several grassroots, black immigrant-led organizations have been advocating for different types of immigration reforms pertaining to their distinct community.  Although black immigrants comprise approximately 10% of the foreign-born population and also face unprecedented adversity, they are often forgotten in the immigration debate.

On Wednesday March 20th black immigrants will come together to demonstrate their strength and unity when it comes to meeting the needs of black immigrants within the immigration reform debate.  African Americans, also impacted by the changing demographics will participate to join this fight to pass commonsense, fair and just solutions to the immigration system.


WHO:  An estimated 700 Progressive African Americans and Black Immigrants from the Caribbean, Africa, Latin America and throughout the globe will join Clergy United to Save and Heal, a Caribbean Clergy Faith Based Network.


Black Communities for Immigrant Justice Rally with Jaime Contreras, Vice President, heads 32BJ’s Capital Area District, NAACP and others — 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

Congressional Briefing hosted by Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke (D-NY) — 2:00 PM; Room #2103, Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC

Lobby Visits to the “Gang of Eight” — 1:30 PM to 4 PM.

WHERE: Washington, DC; U.S. Capitol Grounds, Section 1 (West front lawn)

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is the nation’s most diverse union. With more than 120,000 members in nine states, including 17,000 in the D.C. Metropolitan Area, 32BJ

SEIU is the largest property service workers union in the country.


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