Majority of Republicans, Evangelicals Support Earned Citizenship

Findings released as Evangelical leaders intensify push for immigration reform.


WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a new, large survey released today by the Brookings Institute and the Public Religion Research Institute, 63 percent of Americans — including 56 percent of white evangelicals and 53 percent of Republicans — support a roadmap to earned citizenship as part of immigration reform.

The findings increase the pressure on bipartisan leaders in Congress to include steps to earned citizenship as part of reform.

The survey suggests that support for earned citizenship among evangelicals is growing as evangelical leaders intensify their push for immigration reform rooted in biblical principles.

As both the Washington Post and Politico have reported this week, evangelical leaders are stepping up pressure on Congress to pass broad, commonsense reform that emphasizes human dignity and family unity.

As the articles point out, earlier this week the Evangelical Immigration Table released a statement supporting earned citizenship as part of a revamped immigration process. And last week, a radio ad campaign launched on Christian radio in South Carolina. It too includes citizenship as a key immigration reform principle.

Earlier findings indicate that support for reform increases when evangelicals hear messages from their pastors about welcoming immigrants.   

“The tide for broad, commonsense immigration reform continues to grow. And across the spectrum, more and more Americans recognize that reform must include earned citizenship,” said Ali Noorani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum.

“The message from evangelical leaders is loud and clear, and members of Congress are hearing the same message from their constituents: It is time to follow through and create a better immigration process.”

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