Community Organization Applauds Vote to Move Immigration Reform to Senate Floor

(Washington, DC) CASA in Action, the largest membership organization of Latinos and immigrants in Maryland, DC, and Virginia, applauds the Senate Judiciary Committee for approving a pathway to citizenship in a bill sent to the Senate floor this evening and looks forward to further improvements.

“This evening’s vote was an important first step forward, but our members remain eager to see further improvements to both shorten and widen the path to citizenship,” said Gustavo Torres, President of CASA in Action.

“As we draw closer to justice for immigrant families, we will bear down to make sure that every Member of Congress understands the crises our families confront and makes the right decision.”

With the battle moving to the Senate floor and action pending in the House, CASA will spend the following week while Congress is on recess reminding legislators that last November, Latino voters delivered a mandate at the ballot box.

“In Virginia, we have a lot of work to do to convince legislators to support immigrant families,” said Margarita Cervantes, an Alexandria resident.

“But last November proved that particularly in Virginia, legislators that ignore their responsibility to solve the immigration crisis do so at great political risk.”


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