Dreamers Condemn House Leadership for Amendment to Deport Them

NEW YORK, NY – The DREAM Action Coalition condemns Republican leadership, particularly Speaker Boehner and Rep. Paul Ryan, former Vice President Republican nominee, for approving and voting for Representative King (R-Iowa)‘s amendment to deport DREAMers.

The fact that the amendment passed the House of Representatives demonstrates a lack of control by Republican leadership who is allowing the chamber to be whipped by Tea Party fringe voices. It is completely inaccurate to call the President’s policy not to deport dreamers “administrative amnesty.” Rep. King and Republicans are disregarding the Supreme Court’s rulings recognizing the executive branch’s prosecutorial discretion on immigration matters.

“The DREAM Action coalition will work on the ground in battleground states, like Ohio and Wisconsin, to remind House Leadership to disavow the extreme Tea Party and honor the voices of the American voters who are demanding humane immigration reform that protects families and promotes our economy.” said Cesar Vargas, Director of the DREAM Action Coalition.

Today’s vote to pass Rep. King’s amendment shows the Republican party ever more moving to the extreme right and allowing obstruction to be their official policy.  We hope the Speaker can stand up to the fringe voices and restore the integrity of House to ensure it can address problems our country faces.

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