Dream Action Coalition Denounces Rubio’s Vote to Support Cornyn Anti-Citizenship Amendment

Also, dream action coalition announces new spanish language radio ad campaign in florida.


Washington, DC – We strongly condemn Sen. Rubio’s attack on the path to citizenship that he himself has crafted. Whose side is Senator Rubio on? That is the question that DREAMers and Latinos are asking about Rubio. Indeed, as part of our targeted campaign, We are announcing today the launch of a new Spanish language radio ad campaign that will run in Tampa, Orlando and Miami urging Senator Rubio to protect the careful balance reached by the Senate bipartisan gang of 8 immigration bill that he helped craft.

It is unfortunate that Senator Rubio’s call for more enforcement has opened the gates to anti-immigrant amendments and immigration hawks to try to kill immigration reform. Senator Rubio is pushing for policy changes within the bill that will upset the bipartisan compromise and endanger the path to citizenship.

He is pushing amendments including back taxes and English language requirements which would restrict access to legalization for millions of undocumented immigrants who would otherwise qualify for a path to citizenship.  He is also working with other Republican Senators who seek to add even more border security provisions in the bill and make it so that these would have to be met before any legalization plan would go into effect.


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