Congressman Grimm tells Dreamer He Commits to Immigration Reform

NEW YORK- Republican Congressman Michael Grimm (R-NY) told a DREAMer that he supports immigration reform and is committed to getting the votes on both sides of the isle to get it done. He was joined today by members of the Arab and Latino community from across the state at the Arab American Festival to talk about immigration reform. Among them was an undocumented young man, Carlos Vargas, who confronted the Congressman and asked him to support him on his dream of joining the military.

Grimm’s response was that he is already in support and will work with his colleague, Representative Diaz-Balart, to get enough votes to pass legislation.

Redistricting has pushed Grimms’s Staten Island district to the left made him the number one target in New York City’s congressional elections, dramatically raising the importance of his immigration vote. The event symbolizes the sentiments of the immigrant community in the state, and shows they will be watching him and the reforms he pushes for.

While we wait for the return of congress to initiate their session, undocumented youth will continue to attend Town Hall Meetings and members of congress’ events all across the country.  This will help ensure that the House of Representatives does a better job than the Senate bill 744 at addressing the millions of deportations and family separation that are hurting our communities.

Video Here

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