Our Tax Dollars Wasted in Massive Murders

By Roland Roebuck



I was very surprised to hear the President today, interrupt his vacation at Martha’s Vineyard in order to address the World, about the massive murders taking place in chaotic Egypt.

For that interruption I give him a few points. The European Union, has made token overtures to calm the waters but General Alsisi has not been cooperative.

He is supposed to listen to us based on the bribe money he yearly receives, but it is not working. The US training that he has received and his keen awareness as to how we manipulate our own Democracy, may encourage him to give up his uniform adorned with 250 medals, get a Brook Brothers suit and run for President of Egypt. Believe me, there are US Consultants encouraging him to follow that path.

Again, you are probably wondering why I am dedicating time to this issue and forcing you to read this note. Well, your USA Government has a cozy arrangement with the Egyptian military, they get 1.3 billion a year of your tax money to pay their salaries, buy weapons, attend USA training, engage in joint military operations, use Egypt as a base for NSA operations in the volatile region, secure spying equipment, learn torture techniques, learn PR models, encourage the military to control certain sectors of the Egyptian economy and collaborate with Mossad, while the US economy struggles.

This has been a rough ride for your National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, the International Expert on conflicts and the State Department. The reason why the US approach is not working, is because we lack the moralistic weight to truly engage and bring all parties to the table, we don’t have the “cojones” to call this military coup, a coup. As a result of our lack of forceful resolve, we are sending a message to the Egyptian military that their naziesque methods are the correct ones as they attempt to control and confine Morsi”s supporters. I can make the claim that although former USA sponsored Dictator Mubarak, is in jail, his anti-democratic policies are now being implemented by the Egyptian military regime, so nothing has changed.

The European Union, is now busy sending chemical experts to Syria to determine if they are using “weapons of mass destruction”, but we don’t hear them saying anything about the genocide taking place in Egypt. Ladies and Gents that is called “double standards”.

This is the future of Egypt, elections will be called soon to please the World opinion. The Brotherhood, will be banned from participating. Morsi will be sent to a “friendly Arab country”. The Morsi followers will be rapidly radicalized and Al Queda will find fertile ground to recruit and strike against the oppressive military regime and Israel. Sharp shooters are practicing as I right this note in order to convert General Alsisi to Alnono. His days are numbered based on the hatred now embedded in the hearts of Morsi’s backers. There are now millions of Egyptians wishing his rapid terrestial departure. As a result of that notion, he will be limiting his public appearances and wearing USA made bullet proof vest. USA Tourists cancel your plans to ride camels in Egypt, any time soon.

The soft approach to the human tragedy consuming the Egyptian people is indeed shameful . Claiming that it is the responsibility of the Egyptian people to solve their problem as stated by your President is not really encouraging. Specially after the USA supported and encouraged a callous and dictatorial regime for over 30 years. The Egyptian people need practice in understanding the true concepts of pure Democratic principles, without the intervention of the military, nor external pressures.

Roland Roebuck is a resident of Washington, D.C.

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