Leggett Takes the Helm of CEA

Isiah (Ike) Leggett, County Executive of Montgomery County, Maryland, was elected to a year term as President of the County Executives of America (CEA), a national organization representing County Executives across the U.S.

CEA consists of over 700 county or city-county governments in 45 states. The organization is tasked with the duty of representing the Executive form of government before the U.S. Congress, the White House and the Departments of the Federal Government.

County Executive Leggett said, “I’m very proud to take the helm of this great organization that has helped not only Montgomery county but counties across the country.  Leggett continued, “These are trying times for local governments! We have had to fight our way through this recession with shrinking revenue and little help from the Federal Government. My colleagues and I hope to reverse that trend. CEA has a long history of working cooperatively with the White House and the Congress on a bipartisan basis and under my leadership that will continue. Issues before us are far reaching from Criminal Justice, to transportation, all the way to Education. With the help of my colleagues, we will work to reverse the short falls of the past.”

Mike Griffin Executives Director of CEA said, “I’m grateful for the leadership and time  that Ike has given to the organization and I’m positive his efforts will pay handsome dividends. The great leadership he has shown in Montgomery county will only enhance CEA’s ability to succeed.”

In November 2006, Isiah Leggett was elected to a four-year term as Montgomery County Executive. He is the first African American elected to this public office. In November 2010, he was re-elected by County voters with over 65% of the ballots cast.

Isiah Leggett was the first African American elected to the County Council. Ike Leggett served four terms as an At-Large Member (1986 – 2002). He also served as the Council’s President three times (1991, 1998, and 1999) and as its Vice-President three times (1990, 1997 and 2002). As a Council Member, he also chaired the Council’s Transportation and Environment Committee and served on the Education Committee.

County Executives of America is the only non-partisan association dedicated specifically to chief elected county officials. The organization’s members include county executives, county judges, county mayors, parish presidents and borough presidents. For over forty years CEA  has existed to help county governments serve the American people in the most responsive, efficient way by acting as a national voice for county leaders and representing their interests before all levels of government. For more information on CEA, visit www.countyexecutives.org



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