Texas DREAMers confront Rep. John Carter at Tea Party Movie Town-hall

SALADO, TX- On Tuesday, Texas DREAMers or undocumented youth and allies confronted Rep. John Carter (R-Texas) as he took questions from the crowd at a Tea Party Movie Town-hall. “My parents are undocumented and were deported.

We are not criminals as the movie shows, we are hardworking people who want to give back to this country,” Monserrat Garibay said as she stood before the crowd. She highlighted that as a former DREAMer and newly naturalized citizen she will hold accountable those who are against undocumented immigrants.

Dennis Michael Lynch’s right-wing film “THEY COME TO AMERICA II” portrays immigrants as a risk to national security and alleges there will be grave consequences of granting “amnesty to the 20 million illegal aliens” currently in the US. Rep. Carter stated sympathy for Ms Garibay’s family and visibly uncomfortable with a tough question in the middle of a Tea party event.

The DREAMers and supporters were present to show that throughout Texas, undocumented immigrants are a strong component of the Texas economy.

Ramiro Luna, a leader and DREAMers from Dallas, said, “we wanted to be present not only to dispute the factual errors of the film but to show our real story before the crowd to let them know that we are proud Texans just as they are”

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