FMLN Pretends to Visit over 1 Million Homes to Ensure Victory in El Salvador’s Presidential Elections in 2014

FMLN’s presidential candidate and Vice President of El Salvador, Salvador Sanchez Ceren, declared that he and his party will visit more than 1 million homes nationwide to ensure victory in the presidential elections in El Salvador in February 2, 2014.

“Our job is to visit every house in El Salvador until election time in February, 2014. We have to ensure victory. We have the support not only from our party but also from the Citizens Movement ‘El Salvador Forward’.  We have to continue with the social changes to transform El Salvador”, said Sanchez Ceren to fellow citizens in a town meeting in Tutunichapa I and Miralvalle, San Salvador.

“This government has returned dignity to the our students, today there are no students walking to classes in barefoot, they all wear shoes, uniforms and carry school supplies”  said FMLN’s presidential candidate to thousands of followers and supporters.

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