Salvadoran entrepreneurs endorse FMLN’s Presidential Ticket

Sánchez Cerén (centro) saluda a los empresarios.

Sánchez Cerén (centro) saluda a los empresarios.

The Entrepeneurs Association of El Salvador (ASEPS), which brings together the agricultural, industrial, manufacture, restaurateurs, artisans, logistics and entrepreneurs abroad, said Wednesday afternoon that they fully support FMLN’s presidential ticket, Salvador Sanchez Ceren and Oscar Ortiz.

“We want, along with the new FMLN’s government to be elected in 2014, to create the conditions for building a national project in El Salvador, a project that promotes social justice, democracy and participation, where entrepreneurs of all sizes can feel welcome and represented” said Jose Guardado, president of ASEPS.

In the event, Salvador Sanchez Ceren, pledged to work with employers and employees to strengthen the social changes introduced by the current Administration.

“Ensuring a legal framework that encourages certainty will spur private investment, job growth and common wealth. We will reduce paper work and beaurocracy and increase transparency and accountability in the use of public resources” said the FMLN’s candidate to a highly entrepreneurial audience.

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