ARENA’s Militants Continue Adding Support for FMLN’s Candidate Sánchez Cerén

Photo Source: FMLN-USA

Photo Source: FMLN-USA

Teresa Daisy Fuentes, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of El Salvador and member of the ARENA party, declared her support for the FMLN Presidential Formula Salvador Sanchez Ceren and Oscar Ortiz, in a meeting, held this weekend in Santa Rosa de Lima, La Union, El Salvador .

“It is my honor to present to you the FMLN’s formula” said Daisy Fuentes during a town meeting Sanchez Ceren and Oscar Ortiz attended,  before thousands of followers and sympathizers of the FMLN.

“Salvador and Oscar have fought honestly, and they have done their best to lift El Salvador,” insisted the businesswoman, who noted the good work done by the FMLN in the current Administration. “ARENA’s social performance in previous administrations has been very poor. They have manipulated us all” denounced the ex arenera.

ARENA insists that its people are being paid to support FMLN. They bluntly deny there are problems inside their party lines.

FMLN is up 44%, 8 percentage points ahead in the presidential race, according to the latest polls.


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