Nancy Pelosi Urges President Obama to Stop Deportations

Washington DC- At an un-aired interview with Telemundo, a national Spanish-speaking television network, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi for the first time this year concedes to the idea of pressuring President Obama to stop deportations while Immigration legislation is being debated in Congress. This is the first time, leader Pelosi has moved away from usual Democrat talking points and called for a real solution to a broken immigration system.

As the year comes to an end, the country sees no real movement in Congress to pass immigration reform all while families continue to be separated by an arbitrary and dysfunctional deportation machine. Dreamers have call for the President to stop deportations and find an administrative way to provide relief for our families while we keep fighting for a legislative fix.

Just last week Dream Action Coalition Co-Founder, Erika Andiola, quit her job as a congressional aide to fight her mother’s deportation. As a result of the national and public support, Erika’s mother was allowed to stayed in the U.S. for another year. However, on the same day, a not-so-high profile case had a very different outcome: Ardani Rosales, a loving father without a criminal record, was deported to Guatemala despite the fact that he was a “low priority case.”

The two cases exemplify what Nancy Pelosi mentions in the interview as he concedes to delivering a letter/document to the President about such stories:

“And there has been un — it hasn’t been a uniform– enforcement of the law.  So I think the d– prosecutorial discretion to say, “If your only violation is you overstayed or came in in a certain way, that’s no reason to split a family.”  And we have seen the personal stories.  And we presented them to the administration.  So I think– I’m hopeful that with the documentation that we are providing to counter what others may be saying about who’s being deported, that we will see action from the president.”

“We would frankly though like to move on and pass comprehensive immigration reform so that the problem is put to rest.  In the meantime, 1,100 people, on average, a day, it’s just wrong.”

As the Dream Action Coalition, we applaud Leader Pelosi for pressuring the president to act immediately on this very important issue for our families. We hope that other Democrats and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus will also follow her lead and hold the administration accountable for 1,100 deportations that occur every day.


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