13 year old seeks to create first of its kind ‘Bullying Index’

Viraj Puri, a 13 year old student from Fairfax County, Virginia wants to create the only known live Social Media ‘Heatmap’ scanning daily instances of social media activity related to bullying.

Still in a beta-phase (http://www.bullyvention.com/bullying-heatmap/), Puri is looking to partner with lead data scientists on the subject and has even asked Twitter and Facebook to allow them access to their data

“We know we can do this, it’s just a matter of gaining access to the data, which would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars without help from Twitter and Facebook,” says Puri.

He considers every state that he have researched is making great strides with laws and rules regarding bullying and reporting.

“Using the ‘Heatmap’ I’m taking this to the next step to provide a ‘Bullying Index’ for entire communities so they see where bullying is an issue.  Our goal is not only to “predict” the likelihood of the next bullying occurrence but see where it’s happening geographically, which begs the question ‘Why it is more of an epidemic in some areas of the country over others?’ “, he stated.

For Puri new homeowners look into at the quality of  schools, crime, jobs etc. when they are looking to move into a new area, parents should have an indicator as to how bullying is in each county, city and school district across the United States before they move into a new area. This will put more focus on quality of life issues and get lawmakers to address this very important issue, he added.

“With every post and story that appears in the headlines, I want to compile where bullying is a problem whether they are on Twitter or Facebook and identify possible geographic pockets where bullying problems exist around the United States,” said Puri.

Through the website www.bullyvention.com and recent contact with Washington DC lawmakers, Puri is in the process or reaching out to state attorney generals across the country to learn more about what they feel they need to address online bullying.  Puri states, “

He pointed out that all the work that has been done in this area is already old by the time it is mapped.  What good is that?  Kids know how to turn off our devices and manage our privacy on social media.

“I would like to work with Twitter, Facebook, Google, Snapchat and others to analyze their data on a daily basis.  It hasn’t been done and I want Bullyvention to be the impetus in creating relevant information about bullying that every website, parent and lawmaker can see and use,” he continued.

“I am currently working on our map with Oleksandr Bondar a coder at Vertalab, but we have much more work to do,” Puri concluded.

To learn more, sign up and volunteer your knowledge or data analyzing capability through ‘Heatmapping’ visit www.bullyvention.com/.


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