Former President Francisco Flores tried to sneak out of El Salvador today in a hidden in truck.

Flores-unnamedEL Salvador’s former president Francisco Flores tried to sneak out of El Salvador this morning, hidden in a four-wheeler truck through La Hachadura, entry of many Salvadorans immigrating north into Guatemala.


Former President Francisco Flores, investigated by El Salvador’s Attorney General and the Legislative Assembly, tried to leave the country this morning by road, through the border La Hachadura.

The Legislative Special Committee had called in Mr. Flores today for a second round of questioning, regarding the disappearance of $10 million the government of Taiwan gave him to fix the country after the earthquake of 2001.

He was to appear today at 8 am before the Committee, at the Legislative Assambly in downtown San Salvador,  but instead he sent an excuse note with a personal courier saying he could not attend the appointment because he was out of the country taking care of business.

Local online newspapers tried to get a hold of Norman Quijano, ARENA’s candidate for the presidential elections this coming February 2, to get his reaction, but his communications staff said Quijano was not available for comments.

Francisco Flores still holds his post as top adviser in Quijano’s Campaign.

Source: FMLN-USA





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