After Elections in El Salvador, former president Francisco Flores is still missing

Flores-unnamedAfter elections in El Salvador, Francisco Flores’s whereabouts are still unknown. He has been summoned for interrogation by the Special Commission of the Legislative Assembly, which is investigating a $10 donation from the Government of Taiwan.

Herbert Vega, lawyer of former president Francisco Flores, presented today a writ of habeas corpus in the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of El Salvador (CSJ), in an attempt to save his client from being handcuffed and taken before the Special Commission investigating the case of $10 million former president Flores received from the government of Taiwan back in 2003.

In the middle of last week, members of the Legislative Assembly made Flores appear before the Commission. After 4 hours of session, they agreed, including Mr. Flores, to stop the session to continue the next day.

The next morning, Mr. Flores did not appear. Police went looking for him at his house, but he was not there.

The ARENA leadership reiterated this morning that the Flores case is “political persecution”.


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