After Elections Defeat, ARENA Finally Seeks Discharge of Former President Francisco Flores as Militant

Norman Quijano.

Norman Quijano.

The ARENA presidential ticket Norman Quijano and Rene Portillo Cuadra, and the President of the Party Jorge Velado said yesterday that they no longer want former president of El Salvador Francisco Flores as political adviser in the campaign nor as militant in their political institution.

“What we are asking is that, based on the public announcement we made about transparency, the proper use of public funds and probity, the Court of Ethics, based on the regulations and bylaws of the party, will evaluate and deliver the temporary suspension of Mr. Francisco Flores from the party while his problems are resolved ” said Quijano to reporters.

Quijano’s announcement comes after losing by 10 percentage point to FMLN’s Sanchez Ceren in the first round elections in El Salvador.

Many analysts believe it comes too late, and they regard it as an electoral move, in an attempt to gain last-minute votes for the second round elections scheduled for March 9.


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